Personal Wearable Air Purifier is your Armour

air purifier necklace

Portable air purifier necklace is the newest electronic that can be your strongest and most powerful defense against germs, dust, viruses, and so many more pollutants that make the air too dangerous to breathe in. They are compact, extremely lightweight and portable enough to be worn all day long. 

Unlike the typical home air purifiers that are available in the market, this Ninja New Personal Wearable Air Purifier Ionizer Necklace works differently. This air purifier necklace functions by emitting millions of ions into the air and that too every minute. It emits more than 3 million negative ions that push pollutants away from your personal space and efficiently improves the quality of the air. Negative ions promote metabolism, activate cells, refresh, and relieve motion sickness. It radiates a 3.3 feet sphere of fresher, safer air in any direction.

Scientifically proven, this portable air purifier necklace can effectively remove 99.95% of ultra-fine particles too. From pollutants, dust, allergens to floating viruses and bacteria and more from your personal space. Trust us; it is nothing less than armour in the form of a stylish and discreet portable necklace especially in these times when air quality is deteriorating and becoming worse at a very alarmingly-high speed thus safeguarding your respiratory health. 

This air purifier necklace will create a natural, fresh and safe environment to breathe in, even in public places or in other poor air quality locations. 

Some of the amazing features of NinjaNew’s Personal Wearable Air Purifier Ionizer Necklace include-

  • NO OPERATING NOISE- It is very quiet during operation and will not disturb you when you work or rest. 
  • SIMPLE OPERATING PROCESS- Operating this portable air purifier necklace is very simple. You just need to press the button for two seconds and then sit back to enjoy fresh, clean air.
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE- It is made of top-quality material and is extremely lightweight and portable so that it can easily be worn with the included chain to create a cleaner zone of fresh air wherever you go.
  • The portable Ionic Air Purifier Necklace has a USB charging port and can be charged for about half an hour and then can be used for 15 hours to ensure your air is fresh. Also this makes it super easy to take everywhere.

Note: Patients with heart problems are not recommended using this necklace. Consult your doctors or physician before use, if you have any heart disease.

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