Cook Restaurant Style Food At Home With NinjaNew Sous Vide Machine

sous vide machine

Wondering if sous vide machine is worth a purchase? And if it is, then what type of suvee machine should you buy? Or what should be the deciding factors before getting home a sous vide machine? Then kudos! You are on the right page. The purpose of this blog is to answer all such questions and many more beyond these.  

First and foremost, if you wish to cook restaurant style food at home with the precise temperature then this device is for you. You can slow cook your favorite food and retain all of their flavors, ensuring the food is moist, juicy and tender. And this quality of retaining the natural contents of the food is a quintessential example of what makes sous vide cooking so great. From cooking eggs, bacon, chicken, meats, fish to vegetables and steak.

It works by heating and circulating water in the pot. All you will need is a sealable plastic bag or a ziploc packet and a large bowl or something to put the water in. This technique of suvee machine is basically cooking food in hot water.

Once you start using this sous vide machine then there’s no going back. After using this suvee cooker, you will realize how much a single-degree difference can radically alter the final results. Imagine the amazing cooking experience that you will cherish without having to worry about hitting the right temperature on the grill or in a pan or constantly checking. All you need to do is just set your cooker to a known temperature and sit back and relax! Well, who does not like a thorough, even cooking without any over or under cooked layers?

The heating power, how loud it is, and the price are crucial deciding factors! By heating power we mean how fast the circulator can heat the water and by loudness we mean the noise that the machine makes while in use. Power consumption is another point to be considered.  

Ninja New Sous Vide Machine is the best of suvee machines that are available in the market. Keep reading to know why we say so.

  • Professional Cooking – The sous vide machine is extremely efficient in controlling the cooking temperature to any degree between 32°F to 203°F. It also heats the food at a constant temperature and maintains it. Thus, making it the best tool to cook meats and ensuring that they remain tender and juicy! Some of the recommended temperatures/times settings to cook the common foods the next time you use this machine are as follows: 

-Steak (135°F 1/2hours)

-Chicken breast (143°F 35 mins)

-Eggs (167°F 13mins)

-Carrot (185°F 25mins)

  • Impeccably Powerful Circulator Heating – At 1000W, the sous vide heats water in absolutely no time. It renders the desired results and that too very quickly. The amazing super power of this suvee machine is that it maintains the even temperature throughout the cooking process, evenly distributes heat and as a result steadily helps to cook the food at a particular, desired temperature. The powerful circulator also helps in handling larger amounts of water to allow cooking large quantity of food at any given point in time.
  • Very Easy to Use – Operating this suvee cooker is so easy that it just has two-button and one-knob. Also it allows you to set the timer so that you don’t have to keep checking your watch and can simply instruct it to start the cooking as and when you wish to without you being required to be physically present. Say for instance it’s 5PM and you want to start cooking at 7PM, then you can easily set the timer. Also by using the scroll wheel, you can increase or decrease the number on the screen.
  • Profusely Quiet Operation – It is ultra-quiet and super silent when in use. 
  • Durable Immersion Circulator – The immersion circulator is solid and firmly fits on to any saucepan. There’s a big clip on the back for the pot to make sure it doesn’t fall off. 

The handle and clip to attach it to a container or pot is comfortable and allows variable fixing positions to different containers. To use it, just put the sous vide circulator in any pot and fill with water. 

  • Compact and Sleek– This suvee machine can easily fit in any drawer and its design is modern, compact and sleek.
  • Highest quality material- This device is CE & GS, ROHS certified, made from BPA-free materials, and of the highest quality. The material is food grade stainless steel which is perfect for cooking healthy meals.

Low water warning -One of the most important safety features include low water warning as it automatically shuts off when water level in the container is too low. Thus, helps in preventing the unit from burning or any other accident.

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