Why Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps are a Must have?

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None of us has a built up to lift heavy items like furniture, electronics, mattresses etc. Especially in these times when there is almost no physical workout involved in our day-day-day activities. And shifting or relocating means we are frequently required to move these heavy pieces around the house, city or even countries. And, we totally understand how much of a pain it could be, that too both physical and mental! 

What if we told you that moving these big and bulky objects will no more be a tedious task! Also, you will be strong enough to accomplish this shifting and all without breaking your back or getting any deep cuts and scratches on your hands or hurting your little finger of the toe. 

Also, this moving around of objects involves dragging too, and as a result it can cause scratches on the floor, chipping off the corners of the wall, items that are moved etc.

And thus, get yourself NinjaNew Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps today and ensure that all your prized possessions are in their best, use-worthy condition. 

All you need is the right set of equipment and not the men. 

The next time you plan to relocate to a new city or redesign your existing accommodation which requires repositioning these heavy items, don’t you worry about all the hassles that you might have to encounter!

Keep on reading to know more about NinjaNew Shoulder Dolly Moving Strap –

  • Forearm Forklift Extension with Wide Strap- The lifting straps for moving are wide enough to distribute the pain on the shoulders, back and torso. As a result it becomes way easier and lighter to shift/lift/ move when compared to carrying these items the traditional way!
  • Efficient Hand-Weight Aid– A scientifically designed hand-weight aid makes it a must have tool for the professional movers who are required to do the heavy lifting every day.
  • Adjustable Strap And Buckle- Since we can adjust these straps and buckles, we can use this furniture moving straps for lifting any piece of any size, design etc. 
  • The overall length of the strap is more than 9 feet which can be adjusted up to 4 feet based on your requirements.
  • Can Carry Heavy Loads– It facilitates lifting even very heavy and bulky items.  It works wonders and can carry heavy loads up to 300 kilograms. It can be used to lift any hefty item, of almost any size. Example- furniture, appliances, cabinets, cupboards, washing machine, and refrigerator. It is an amazing mattress moving strap.
  • Easy to use– It encourages proper lifting techniques; and effectively reduces time and effort. It is extremely simple and easy to use. These moving straps can be used to rearrange furniture, mattresses, cupboards etc. at home for your own personal use or for professional packing and moving too!
  • Saves from injuries– Not able to figure out how it does that? Simple! By evenly distributing the weight on our back, hands, legs and torso; it ensures that the lifters maintain proper, upright posture while carrying the heavy items. Thus, protecting people from painful back strain and injuries.

Next time you are required to move your belongings across the room, apartment, up and down the stairs, around the cities etc., don’t worry! We have your back! This Ninja New Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps will take the weight off your back and head! 

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