Fun Fidget Spinners that can Fly Too

flying fidget spinner

Spinning the fidget is the most recent wave to hit the markets. It is one of those trends that have taken the entire concept of toys by a storm. Also, fidgets spinners are popular among people of all ages. And when we say this, we mean that no matter how old you are, you too must have got/bought one for your own child, for friends’ kids, or for that matter even for yourself! After all, aren’t fidgets fun?

NinjaNew Flying Fidget Spinner is the revolutionized and the modern, upgraded version of the fidget spinner. 

Wondering what makes it different from the regular fidget spinner toys available in the market? Well, then roll up your sleeves and buckle up! Since your fidget spinner is about to take a flight and hover in the air. You can spin it. You can toss it. Also, you can fly it. 

Some of the features of NinjaNew Flying Fidget Spinner are-

  • It is a flying toy with very high speed spin.
  • Unlike the loud fidget spinners that are noisy, produce a cracking sound and above that- do not spin smoothly, this flying fidget spinner toy not only spins but also flies!
  • It is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is power ON the device and then rapidly spin it clockwise. Important point to keep a track of- always keep the logo side upward. Once the motor starts to work, release the spinner from your fingers and toss it away from you. The flying spinner will hover in the air and then come back to you automatically.
  • It is made from a premium-quality material which is durable. 
  • The ABS material that is used in this flying fidget spinner is a great shockproof. This is also CE, FCC, and RoHS certified and thus makes it super safe for little kids who might otherwise get injured. 
  • This fidget spinner is for multiple-players. Thus, it’s not just one person who can play but a group of friends, cousins etc can play and have fun. Tossing it back and forth can be so much fun!
  • It is an extremely efficient and effective toy to relieve all your stress and anxiety related issues.
  • It comes in a wide range of flying modes-Suspended mode, Boomerang mode, Low altitude mode, Dive mode.


  1. Take the Micro-USB charging cord and plug it into the side of the spinner.
  2. Let it charge for some time.
  3. Use the toggle to turn it on.
  4. Adjust the speed with the + or – buttons on the back of the spinner.
  5. Give it a fast manual spin using your finger strength to turn on the propellers.
  6. And then watch it take a flight!

Forget the traditional spinners and get this modernized version of spinners! It can do so much more than just rotating on your fingertips. Spin, spin, spin! Drone, drone, drone! Yes, after all its Ninja New Flying Fidget Spinner.

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