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Levitating UFO Speaker That Can Elevate Any Party

levitating ufo speaker

Ever heard of a speaker that can levitate? By the way to levitate means ‘to float’ or for that matter, ‘to hover’ in the air. This NinjaNew’s Levitating UFO Speaker can do exactly the same and much more, without any physical contact with its base. It floats effortlessly above the ground, in the air!  The […]

Cook Restaurant Style Food At Home With NinjaNew Sous Vide Machine

sous vide machine

Wondering if sous vide machine is worth a purchase? And if it is, then what type of suvee machine should you buy? Or what should be the deciding factors before getting home a sous vide machine? Then kudos! You are on the right page. The purpose of this blog is to answer all such questions […]

True RMS Wave Output Digital Multimeter Is the Best Bet You Can Get

multimeter lowes

Are you also looking for a multifunctional multimeter which can measure voltage, current, resistance in addition to some other, more advanced electrical properties like capacitance, diode etc? Look no further!  NinjaNew True RMS Wave Output Digital Multimeter is here to help. Once you will start using this multi tester lowes, trust us there will be […]

Try out the Best Electric Nail Drill Machine by Ninja New

electric nail drill machine

Who does not want deep clean, strong and healthy nails? But the reality is- they don’t come easy, both in terms of money and efforts required. And even though manicures and pedicures are incredibly relaxing and fall into the category of ‘pampering’ and ‘self-love’, getting them done in a salon can burn a hole in […]