Levitating UFO Speaker That Can Elevate Any Party

levitating ufo speaker

Ever heard of a speaker that can levitate? By the way to levitate means ‘to float’ or for that matter, ‘to hover’ in the air. This NinjaNew’s Levitating UFO Speaker can do exactly the same and much more, without any physical contact with its base. It floats effortlessly above the ground, in the air! 

The simple and well-designed structure makes it look like a mysterious space object. It does not touch anything and has zero ground interference. But don’t you agree that what makes any speaker a good speaker is the quality of the sound that it produces. 

This ufo levitating bluetooth speaker generates sound in 360-degree rotation which is clear, crisp and thus easily becomes the ‘talk of the party’.  Also since it levitates above its subwoofer, as a result, there is a significant reduction in the sound wave absorption from surfaces.

Not to over-praise, but some of the additional amazing features of this ufo speaker that definitely need a shout-out are-

  • Emits soft light– If floating was not enough, this speaker has LED lights too that emit soft, soothing-to-the-eyes light that looks extremely cool and creates a magic that can make every eye-ball roll and induce awe among all your guests.
  • Bluetooth Compatible– It is just like any other bluetooth speaker and can be connected to other devices easily. 
  • Easy to use- The wireless charging and easy bluetooth compatibility with other devices make it a must-have ufo speaker.
  • Elegant design- The sleek design is unique as well as elegant.
  • Portable- You can easily carry it with you anywhere you go. It has the most functional and practical design among all the ufo speakers available in the market.  

With this Ninja New’s Levitating UFO Speaker uplift your sound game and elevate your spirits. Because it has the superpower to create the magic that every heart so desires and that every party so requires. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this ufo speaker and be ready to wow all your friends and family at the next party that you are planning!

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