Perks of Having an Electric Kettle with Temperature Control

electric kettle with temperature control

We live in the times when each one of us is on a constant move. Balancing professional, working hours and personal, family time is a demanding job. And it becomes more so when we have no additional aid to support us in the kitchen. That is the time when electric kettles come handy. From boiling water for tea to brewing hot mug of coffee, this NinjaNew’s Electric Kettle with Temperature Control will do it all for you.

Wondering that conventional kettles too are efficient in boiling water then why is there even a need for an electric temperature control kettle? Okay, here is the answer- these electric kettles ensure just the right temperature settings so that the water does not evaporate! Also, even when left unattended for hours, the water or tea or coffee in this electric tea kettle with temperature control will still remain hot for you to drink. 

Unlike conventional kettles that have been around for years, these kettles are so much more quick and quiet at the same time. They make use of smart heating technology that makes the entire process of energy consumption so much more efficient and effective too. They are compact, and have a timelessly modern appeal to their design. Thus, we can conveniently accommodate them anywhere on the kitchen platforms or in the bedroom or can carry them along when traveling. 

Also, it is ultra versatile since we can use it to prepare powdered milk or baby rice, or just boil water, tea or coffee. This NinjaNew’s Electric Kettle with Temperature Control is literally a hands-off solution which is highly-configurable with any set-up! 

  • Large Capacity Kettle: It can easily hold up to 1.5L of liquid which can cater to multiple servings in one go. 
  • Real-time Temperature Display: The HD OLED Temperature Display Screen reflects the current temperature of water.
  • Keeps water hot for longer: Thermal Insulation Technology and SAE 304 stainless steel helps to maintain water temperature for extended periods of time. It can keep water warm for up to 12 hours.
  • No odor or emission: It does not emit any harmful substances or odors when the water boils on high temperature.
  • Smart Technology: It has an Intelligent Temperature Control setting which allows us to set the desired water temperature, preservation mode, and time duration in the panel as per our requirements. Thus, it can be easily configured to rapidly heat up water or just keep it warm for hours.
  • Efficient Heating: Equipped with an 1800W power heating ring, this temperature control kettle is efficient and fast and can heat water quickly in just a few minutes.
  • Energy Efficient: It consumes only 0.5kW/h. 
  • Safe to use: It has a triple safety feature- turns off automatically when over boiling, features a smart power plug for electric shock prevention, and is built with a dry burn protection too.

Electric tea kettle with temperature control is nothing less than a luxury that too at very affordable prices. Once you start using it, you will have so much more time to focus on your work and enjoy it with your family.  This Ninja New’s Electric Kettle with Temperature Control is a revolutionary appliance that has taken the most simple but time consuming task of boiling water to the next level!

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