Poop Emoji Slippers – An Emoji Slipper with Fun

poop emoji slippers

An emoji slippers is really an interesting and fun filled slipper where you have your favourite emojis turned into slipper shape which will bring fun to your children and to the people who wear it. 

Get the poop emoji slippers which are quite funny and get a happy and funny mood in the minds of people who see and wear them.

Our lovable poop emoji has made its space on tshirts , shoes , socks , slippers,etc. and the poop emoji slippers will be a catchy footwear to wear when you move in public.

Poop emoji slippers- how well it does !

Poop emoji slippers do well with your feet due to their warmth and comfort. 

Poop slippers are blended into the shape of comical poop emoji icons which have a funny look to the spectators on the floor.

Its softness helps the wearer to have a warm feel while walking and its rubber sole makes it secure on slippery floors.

Exciting features of Poop emoji slippers:

Unisex slippers:

Poop emoji slippers can be worn by male and female which makes it distinguishingly convenient  to use by spouses and children.

Warm and soft material:

When you wear poop emoji slippers you will feel warmth and softness due to spunchy materials used in it which cares your feet like a baby.

Poop emoji shape :

The trending emoji in chatting platforms “the Poop emoji” shape has been given to these slippers making it look so fresh look, funny to the people who watch it.

Short plush fabric:

Extra soft synthetic fabrics which are made from 100% polyester fibers have been used making it soft like fur of animals. This softness gives your legs a quite soothing feeling.

Rubber outsole:

Outsole of Poop emoji slippers are made of rubber making it slip proof on a slippery surface.

It’s sweet and fun :

From various feedbacks and responses of Ninja New Poop slippers users it has been a sweet and funny journey so far with their overwhelming responses.

People once used it have made it a fun tool at the office, home, small club functions, and at party occasions.

If you really want to grab these poop emoji slippers immediately dial the below number or book at our website :

A few complementary  tips to clean smelly slippers:

Cleaning smelly slippers by taking water full of a container and dipping those slippers in it.

Put a few drops of dish detergent in it.

Wait for an hour to soak before you wash them.

Any stains or dirt accumulated will get removed.

Smell of the slippers can be removed by baking soda. 

The inside of slippers can be cleaned with a brush, water and soap. Put the shoes in the  soap water and then scrub the inside of the shoes with a brush.

For worldwide shipping :

  • Please allow two to four weeks for delivery to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia , New Zealand and all European Union countries.
  • Please allow two to eight weeks for delivery to the rest of the world.

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