Barx Buddy For All The Dog Parents


Are you also tired of training your dog who does not pay attention; no matter what you do? Does your dog too scare all the guests away from the house? And continuously keeps on barking when any visitor comes to your place or for that matter even when the doorbell rings? 

Then you surely must have left no stone unturned while looking for the best dog training device available in the market. Because when dogs bark like crazy, it becomes a tedious task to grab their attention and divert their minds. 

Here’s good news! Your search shall end here. NinjaNew’s Anti Dog Barking Device is for you!

  • Easy to use-This barxbuddy is extremely easy to be used by anyone. Thus, you or anyone in your family (including children and elderly members of the house) can train the dogs.  
  • Affordable– It is most affordable and at the same time quality device which is durable too. 
  • Portable– The small compact design and lightweight of this barxbuddy makes it easy to carry around.
  • Safe– This barx buddy dog training device is 100% safe to the animals. It does not harm the dog in any way. The sound and light emitted from this device is only meant to call the dog’s attention, so as to train and discipline it. The high pitched frequency does not torture animals. 
  • It has a built-in LED Flashlight

How to use BarxBuddy

When the dog is misbehaving, acting wild or showing the signs of bad behavior like continuously barking without a pause, excessively chewing on sofa, pillows, digging, biting etc. Then, press the button on your NinjaNew’s Anti Dog Barking Device. It will emit the high-pitched frequencies and ultrasonic tone which will be audible to dogs only and not to we humans. As a result you will be able to grab its attention instantly and calm it down. (NOTE: This sound is harmless to your furry friends.) There’s also an LED light on the device to help as well.

Now, when you have all their attention and they are not aggressive, you can easily take the reign on the training and teach them to behave appropriately. 

You can make them sit attentively for a few moments and then praise them or give them a treat, so as to solidify their training.

Benefits of using 

  • Non-brutal– It is the most secure and humane way of calming the aggressive dogs as it does not involve the usage of dangerous drugs. Also the high-pitched sound is harmless to animals as mentioned earlier too.
  • Amazing Training Device– Dogs will have no trouble to adapt to this device or take instructions from their care-takers.

For all the pet parents who are on the brink of giving up on their dogs, this Ninja News Anti Dog Barking Device will surely bring relief! And you or your family members will no more question the decision of having a furry friend in the house as you will be able to easily transform the difficult and tiring moments into training opportunities. Thus, have fun with your furry friend!

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