Things to know About Mattress Lifting and Moving Straps

mattress moving straps

Did you ever wonder; why owning a cozy mattress or a furniture piece or any large household appliance for that matter is considered a luxury or the most prized possession? Well, everyone has their own reasons but there is a unanimous acceptance for the fact that after the day’s toil, when we come back, they are the ones who make home; home! They are a constant reminder of what we have achieved. And, how can we miss the fact that there’s a lot of investment involved in owning these! 

But moving and lifting them can be a real pain because no one is actually built for heavy lifting! 

How about if we tell you that shifting these big and heavy objects will no more be a task! Also, you will be able to accomplish all this without breaking your back or losing the skin on your palms or getting cuts and scratches all over your hands or hurting anything else that could possibly be a casualty. Or ruining/scratching the floor due to dragging. Off course while keeping them in the best, use-worthy condition. 

It’s the trick and the right set of tools that are required. And not the muscle power or the additional hands! 

And thus, get yourself NinjaNew Mattress Lifting and Moving Straps today and stop worrying about all the hassles that you might have to encounter, the next time you are planning to relocate or reposition these heavy items?

It works wonders and can carry heavy loads up to 300 kilograms. It is extremely simple and easy to use. It facilitates lifting even very heavy and bulky items. Since it encourages proper lifting techniques, it effectively reduces time and effort. Wondering how it does that? By evenly distributing the load on our legs and torso it makes lifting pretty easy and much lighter. It permits the lifters to maintain proper, upright posture too. Thus, saving us from painful back strain and injuries.

More about NinjaNew Lifting and Moving Straps

  • It has a forearm forklift extension with a wide strap that makes it lighter to lift or move as compared to carrying them the traditional way!
  • It has a very efficient hand-weight aid which is scientifically designed so that even a professional mover can use it.
  • It is equipped with a highly adjustable strap and buckle. For instance, the furniture moving straps are very versatile in lifting furniture pieces of different sizes. The overall length of the strap is more than 9 feet which can be adjusted up to 4 feet based on your requirements.
  • Application- It can be used to lift any hefty item, of almost any size. Example- furniture, appliances, cabinets, cupboards, washing machine, and refrigerator. It is an amazing mattress moving strap.

Next time you need to move stuff from one room to another, up and down the stairs, etc., don’t you worry! We are here with Ninja New Lifting and Moving Straps to take the weight off your back, quite literally! You can easily use these straps to rearrange furniture, mattresses, cupboards etc. at home or for professional packing and moving too!

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