Ninja Super Sticky Magic Tape

super sticky magic tape

“This tape would do everything but stick” – Irrespective of the surface and the situation, this is the persistent complaint that we get to hear on almost daily basis. And why not, because after all tapes are supposed to be sticky!

But here’s good news! 

After vigorously investigating all the tape complaints and issues, we have created a sticky formula that can be used almost on anything and everything you can imagine. Ninja Super Sticky Magic Tape has an amazing adhesive which will not give you any chance to blame, the next time you try to stick something. 

Also since years we have been using glue and paper to bind packaging and nail and hammer has been used to secure anything on walls. But they made the entire process too time-consuming, demanding and messy! And the results, they were nothing near to satisfying.

But trust us; once you start using this super sticky magic tape, there will be no going back! 

It’s not only convenient but also the end-result is neat and nothing less than perfect. Ninja Super Sticky Magic Tape uses superior nano-technology which helps in keeping items in place without slipping!

It can be used on any surface under the sun. From hard surfaces like wooden, plastic, glass, marble, etc. to soft surfaces like paper, posters etc. It works on walls and floors alike. It can be used to fix or paste items such as car phone holder, poster, picture frame, pen holder, wall sticker, hook, small tools, sticky pads, phone cases, patches, decorative patches, wall decor, etc. It can also help to stick items on the wall.

All You Need To Know About Ninja Super Sticky Magic Tape-

  • It has high tensile strength and ductility with great waterproof ability too. 
  • It has outstanding adhesiveness and thus can holds items up to 1 KG (2.2 LBS) on smooth surfaces.
  • It is extremely easy to disassemble without leaving any traces. This means when you take off this tape, magic sticky tape will leave no residue and will come out clean without damaging the wall/surface. 
  • This super sticky magic tape can be washed and reused for multiple times.
  • You can adjust the length and cut it as per your requirement.
  • The effect of this tape is non-toxic & environment-friendly since it is safe and recyclable.
  • It is a double sided self adhesive.

No doubt, there are multiple factors that play a prominent role in the success of the entire adhesive exercise. For instance-weather, temperature, texture of the surface, pressure applied while sticking and application. But this does not mean that we need different adhesives for different purpose. And if you will have Ninja New Super Sticky Magic Tape in your armor, then you won’t require anything else!

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