Magic Tool for Kitchens- Versatile Electric Fruit Peeler

electric fruit peeler

Do you also struggle with the hard coverings of the fruits and peels of the vegetables that are difficult to take off? Do you also feel that more than cooking, peeling takes a lot of your time? And, every time you want to try out a new cuisine or experiment in the kitchen, the task of peeling a lot of vegetables gives you a shiver down your spine? 

From now on, you don’t have to worry! This magic tool by NinjaNew will be your helping hand! Irrespective of the type of fruit or vegetable, this electric peeler will help you peel off the skin easily, effortlessly, and efficiently! And all that while saving a lot of your time and energy.

Also, while we were developing this product, we noticed that the major concern that keeps people away from using electric peelers, in general, is the wastage that it causes. Since peelers tend to peel much more than just the skin of the fruits and vegetables. But with this NinjaNew’s Stainless Steel Electric Peeler for Fruits & Vegetables, you don’t have to be concerned about wastage. It ensures that only the skin is peeled off without wasting any of the nutritious pulp of the fruit or a vegetable. 

Additional features of this efficient kitchen tool are-

  • SUPER SAFE AND USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The grip of the peeler and comfort of use makes it a super safe for hands. Since there is absolutely no need for you to touch or hold the vegetable or the fruit while peeling. The non-slip and extremely handy handle adds to the safety assurance.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: There’s a button that you need to gently press and then it will start to peel. Since the needle can move and rotate in all directions, it can easily adapt to different vegetables and fruits based on their width, height or even texture. The robotized arm of this electric fruit peeler can adjust the thickness and automatic balance in the peeling process. The bottom holder can also fix vegetables & fruit. 
  • SHARP BLADE: The high-quality stainless steel blade is undoubtedly the most important component of this electric fruit peeler. Since the ability of a peeler to finely and efficiently peel a fruit or vegetable will largely depend on the quality of its blade. 
  • NON-SLIP BASE: Durable ABS plastic non-slip base keeps it steady and holds it securely on the kitchen platform, counter or other working station.
  • MULTIPLE POWER SOURCE SUPPLY:  It has a strong power and high working efficiency.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: This electric peeler is small in size and thus is very convenient to keep even in the compact kitchen spaces. It occupies very little space.
  • VERSATILE USAGE: You name the vegetable or the fruit, and it can surely peel it. From potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, radish, lemons, to apples, pears, oranges, persimmon, mango, kiwi, papaya, and some other smooth and hard fruits alike. 

Why should your hands suffer? From now on, you don’t have to take the pain of peeling fruits and vegetables. Get this Ninja New’s Stainless Steel Electric Peeler for Fruits & Vegetables and peel all your fruits and vegetables in a more hygienic and faster way.

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