What Makes for the Best Drywall Cutting Tool

drywall cutting tool

Drywall cutting and chopping can be a difficult and demanding task. Since the entire process leaves you with a lot of mess and leftovers. Also who would want to inhale dust? At the same time this process of cutting drywall involves a lot of investment in terms of both time and effort! And the trouble increases multi-folds if you are using the wrong set of tools for the job.

NinjaNew Drywall Cutting Tool is that one tool which will resolve all your doubts for a drywall edge cutter. It is extremely convenient to operate and is super light to hold comfortably for long stretches of time. Thus you can easily work for hours without hurting your hands, shoulders or back for that matter. 

Some of the most sought after features in any drywall edge cutter include-

  • Easy installation
  • Convenience and ease of operations
  • Light weight
  • Sharp and smooth cutting 

With NinjaNew Drywall Cutting Tool you will get all these features together with some additional features that make it the best drywall cutout tool. For instance- 

  • Attractive Looking– It comes in varieties of colors apart from the standard black color. You have bright and funky color options like green, orange, red, and blue. 
  • Stainless Steel- The entire tool is made from stainless steel and ABS which keeps it as it is even after years of continuous usage. Also the stainless body makes this tool lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Extremely Light Weight- It only weighs around 1600 g and thus is not as heavy when compared to other drywall edge cutters available in the market. 
  • User-Friendly- Not to mention, it is extremely safe to use and easy to work with and thus improves work efficiency. The thickness of this drywall cutout tool is around 12mm. The handles are approximately 120mm, and the whole body’s measurement is 730mm.
  • Multiple blade options- It contains a set of 12 cutting blades to get the most accurate cutting and smooth finishing on the edges based on the usage. Clean cutting blades as well as double blades help to cut more precisely. 
  • Wide cutting range- The cutting range is from 2-60 cm. Also, there is no unnecessary friction while cutting as the drywall cutter is friction resistant. One feature of NinjaNew Drywall Cutting Tool that makes it one of its own kinds is that it is environment-friendly since eco-friendly gypsum is used for making this drywall edge cutter. 
  • Highly adjustable- This drywall cutout tool is highly adjustable, and allows the hands to be rotated in circular motion and up-down too. 

The satisfaction of scoring a straight line on drywall and then snapping it out and getting a clean cut is unparalleled. With this Ninja New Drywall Cutting Tool, we assure you the best results!

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