Portable Outdoor Movie Screen for All The Big-Screen Fans

portable giant outdoor movie screen

Everytime there is a new movie release or a big game; do you also wish you could enjoy it on a big screen? All cozy and comfortable in a blanket with a coke can to sip on and a popcorn bucket to munch?

With NinjaNew Portable Giant Outdoor Movie Screen, binge watch your favorite TV shows, big sports events or movies in your own backyard and experience the exciting thrill of a movie theater, with the comforts of home!

NinjaNew Portable Giant Outdoor Movie Screen is a widescreen suited for all kinds of media. For all those who are into gaming, there’s good news, you can play your favorite video games on a portable outdoor screen which is giant. 

When the media is projected onto the portable giant outdoor movie screen’s oxford nylon reflective material, which is made of natural polyester fibers, it produces a very high resolution video with deep and bright colors! The images produced are crystal-clear and brighter than most other projection screens available in the market. Enjoy high-design quality videos and super-enriched colors of the imagery with this portable outdoor screen which also gives the best projection effect. The screen surface is white and the light is soft. When the ambient light can be adjusted, it shows the best projection effect. The light is evenly distributed and projected. The special photosensitive material of the screen effectively prevents the scattering of light and gives a wide viewing angle for the ultimate experience of big screens!

Also the best part about this screen is that it is very easy and convenient to assemble. Thus, within a matter of few minutes, you will be able to set-it up. Also, since the screen and the entire set-up is a single piece package which is compact and extremely portable. The foldable design of the screen and the lightweight makes it the must have movie screen for all the big-screen fans! The projection screen can be easily secured with hooks, ropes, brackets, nails, double-sided tape on the wall/bracket.

Every penny that you will invest on this portable screen is worth your money. The multiple ways in which you can use it, makes it a very efficient and utility product. It is ideal for home theatre arrangements, outdoor or backyards or gardens, office spaces like conference/presentation rooms, schools or educational institutes or for that matter any other place, where you might need a big screen for public displays. It has a screen reader support enabled too. 

Turn off the lights, connect your speakers, get some popcorn and experience the joys of the big screen with Ninja New Portable Giant Outdoor Movie Screen!

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