NinjaNew Coin Eater is the Coolest Way to Save Money

Coin Eater

Want to introduce your kid to the important concept in financial planning- the art of saving money from an early age? Looking for ways in which kids could enjoy the entire process of keeping some money aside, so as to use it later for buying gifts for themselves or for their loved ones and at the same time learn the vitality of this habit of saving pennies for rainy days. Look no further!

With NinjaNew Coin Eater you and your kids can save money and actually enjoy it.

Not sure about how it works? Umm…Okay! So, here is the trick. All you have to do is put coins in the bank’s mouth and it will “eat” the coin to its tummy. It is fancy and funny! Also, it is a good decorative piece to engage kids, while providing a practical solution for parents too! 

Feed this coin eater your coins and we bet he will be your best friend. After all, at the end of the day he will help you save! This coin eating robot is hungrier than a hungry hippo. It can eat coins all day. And your savings will add up real quick!

Gone are the days of those old classic piggy banks which have been around for generations. In comparison to those traditional piggy banks, this coin eating robot is the coolest toy you can gift your child. 

Some of the exciting features of this coin eating money box include-

  • It has an amazingly functional motion sensor which quickly senses any movement. 
  • It is extremely soft to touch and thus safe for kids.
  • It can fit almost every type of standard coin from quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies and so much more.

So, the next time you yourself need to save some money or want your kid to encourage savings, get yourself this unique bank form Ninja New Coin Eater!

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