How to Choose the Best Kids Pool with a Slide?

pool with slide for kids

Who doesn’t wish to splash some water in the summer? Not just kids but adults too! Add a pool with a slide and make summers fun! If you are planning to buy a kids’ pool with slide, you can get all the details regarding how to buy the pool slide. Swimming pool slides undoubtedly add a great dimension to your pool fun. Once you install the blow-up pool slide, you will surely see the kids and adults lining up behind the slide for their turn to whizz down the slide deck in the pool.

Tips for choosing a pool with a slide for kids

Consider the footprint

The pool slides are likely to take up some space on your deck so the footprint cannot be ignored. When planning to buy pool slides, you need to check the specifications. This will give an idea of the overall width and length occupied along with the concrete needed for efficient installation. When you check the specifications, you will have an idea what would be the overall width and length of concrete that you need for perfect installation. Slides often take up significant disk space, and some installation processes require extra concrete. You need to check the area you have currently for your sliders and how much you need to develop behind the slide so that you can easily pass around the slide without stepping on the deck.

Location analysis

Location plays a crucial role because the size of the pool slide varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The majority of manufacturers consider the installation depth between 44 and 48 inches. It rules out the external walls beside the deep end walls. If you are planning to install a pool slide, you need to ensure that it is installed in water that is not relatively shallow and not extremely deep for different safety reasons. In addition, the depth must be maintained for some distance after the slide exit point.

Colour and patterns

You won’t believe the range of colors, shapes, and designs available in pool slides! No matter what the color of your deck is; there is always a pool slide to match it. And if you love neutral, earthy tones; hen granite is the best material you can seek!

The perfect match

We highly recommend consulting an expert before executing. Understanding the available space, the type of slide you’re looking for and the most convenient location to place it is crucial. This will not only provide an accurate analysis of space but will also save on the extra cost of relocating or reconstruction.

There are different types of price ranges available, so you need to choose a pool with slides for kids that aligns with your budget and you don’t have to break the bank simultaneously. (Nobody would go bankrupt for a pool slide lol)

You need to choose the space of the location of your slide depending on the disk space you have. You can either place your slide on the left or right. It is one of the most important decisions you need to make while fitting your specific deck size. You need to measure your deck size carefully, and before ordering the pool slide, you need to connect with some of the experts so that they can help you choose the right slide for your pool. Visit Ninja New official website for more details.

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