Let go of Lint on Fabric with this One Simple Device

fabric lint remover

Clothes, we just can’t live without them but neither is living with them easy. From jackets to dresses, from shirts to types of denim, from trousers to socks, when it comes to clothes, options are simply endless. But, so are the problems that every individual faces when it comes to maintaining these clothes. Whether you do your laundry at home or someplace else, or if you own the best kind of washing machine, even if you are someone who prefers to hand wash their clothes and protect them, lint is one issue that you really just cannot get rid of. Lint not only spoils the look and feel of clothes but it decreases their shelf life considerably. To find a solution to this problem, we bring to you our fabric pilling remover or our lint shaver.

A simple-to-use tool that is wireless, handy, and most importantly, portable, this lint shaver is designed ergonomically and is minimal in looks. Even if you are a complete beginner at lint shaving from clothes, this tool will help you out. At Ninja New, our motive is to keep creating the best products for everyone. Products that not just make every individual’s life easier but products that bring forth the solutions to everyday problems that one faces. This fabric lint remover is one such product that will definitely make your life easy, every single day.

This lint remover shaver by Ninja New comes with a set of precision blades that are composed of stainless steel. To use this pilling fabric remover, all you need to do is point it towards the lint fabric and blow it. Within a few seconds, you will notice that the fabric will lose the lint and become good as new! This fabric lint removal shaver does not just work only for lint, but it works equally well if you want to get rid of dust from your clothes or if you want to remove pet hair from your clothes. As multifaceted as it gets, this fabric lint remover shaver is an excellent tool that you can carry with you wherever you go. Whether you are at home, or if you are going for a trip and want to maintain the sheen and longevity of your clothing, this handy little tool will help you out.

Just like its features, the applications of our fabric lint shaver are also quite widespread. Not just clothes and shoes, but you can use this lint shaver on your upholstery, on your bed, your sofas, and chair cushions as well as on your table linen. This lint remover shaver works well on all kinds of fabric including cotton, fleece, wool, linen, polyester, and many other similar fabrics to name a few. You can also use it for your car seats as well as any hard-to-reach crevices and places. To get yours now, simply visit www.ninjanew.com.

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