Waterproof Dog Training Collar for all the Dog Parents

waterproof dog training collar

Dogs are fun to be around! They can uplift your mood on dull days, shower you with love when you feel aloof and play with you when you are brimming with a lot of energy! But having a dog in the family can be a very demanding duty. Since they need attention and effort. Sometimes they become cranky and thus need to be handled with utmost care. For all those days, when you want them to behave in a certain way and train them; this NinjaNew Waterproof Dog Training Collar will come in handy!

It is a no bark collar which is highly recommended by expert trainers, especially for first-time pet owners. It is an immensely popular electrical collar that tightens a bit under tension but not so much that they continue tightening, thus will not choke your dog in any way. Since the safety of the animal is and should always be the priority. 

Also, it is the best waterproof electric dog collar that helps to train dogs using electrical shock therapy. This helps to correct barking, wrong walking, incorrect sitting postures, unnecessary aggression, and other wrong behavioural patterns. You can train your dog only when you have established a bond with them which is of trust and loyalty. If you use training tools improperly then it can do both physical and psychological damage. Thus no matter what, the safety of the animal should not be compromised at any cost. 

It can be effectively used to train medium to large dogs, which includes breeds like- Labrador, German shepherd, Golden Retriever, Bulldog, Poodle, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc.

Some of the features of this Ninja New Waterproof Dog Training Collar are-

  • All-Weather Resistant- It has IPX Waterproof and thus you can easily train the dog by the seaside or the beach too.
  • Safety First- The soft rubber contact of this dog collar is safer than any other material collar like the metal ones. The shock head does not contact the skin of the dog directly thus protecting it and saving it from any skin damage.
  • Multiple Training Modes- It can help you perform a wide range of functions. It controls and trains the dog using techniques that include light, sound warning (beep), vibration alert, static shock etc with adjustable levels.
  • Super Far Remote Range: The remote control range of this electrical collar is up to 2600ft when there is no obstacle nearby. Thus, you can easily train your dog in the park without worrying about it running far from your eyes.
  • Supports Multiple Collars: With only 1 remote transmitter, you can train a maximum of 3 dogs. Each dog can be controlled separately. All you have to do is click the CH button to choose the dog you want to train.
  • Adjust the Collar for the best Fit: This remote training collar can fit any neck size between 7″-19.2″. It would be perfect for 10-40kg (22-88lb) which includes small, medium and large dogs.
  • Built-in LED Light: Built-in LED light on the receiver and remote help you locate your dog even in a dark environment.
  • Rechargeable & Auto Powersave: It comes with a 2-in-1 charging cable thus the remote and receiver can be charged at the same time. 

Collars are an essential part of your dog’s wardrobe and thus require some serious thought and searching. This hunt becomes even more crucial when electrical collars are involved. As they can be an effective training tool if used properly or can turn out to be torture for innocent creatures in extreme cases, when not used appropriately. 

All we could say is to choose wisely. After all, it’s about your beloved pooch friend that is a bundle of joy! Get a safe humanistic dog training collar and enjoy being a happy pet parent!

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