All One Needs to know about Texas Fence Fixer

Texas Fence Fixer

Fences endure so much during their lifetime. From harsh weather to playful children to over-excited pets; everyone keeps on jumping, climbing, and scratching these fences. And trust us; a quick fix approach to repair a damaged fence won’t work. 

NinjaNew’s Texas Fence Fixer is a hassle-free way to permanently amend loose fences.

 It is the most efficient and effective solution to the otherwise stressful situation of a broken fence which is not only an ugly sight but also an invader of privacy. 

Also, the added advantage is that with this fence fixer, you won’t need any additional help in terms of both man and tools. Absolutely no extra assistance is required. You will be able to do it all by yourself. It is an extremely user-friendly tool that makes tiring tasks simple and safe. Still in doubt?

Don’t worry; we have enough reasons to make you believe that NinjaNew’s Texas fence fixer broken wire is the product for you. 

It is extremely easy to use. As while splicing wire, the tool holds the ends in place so both hands are free to make the splice. You can also simply connect the two ends to the fence wires and pull the lever a few times to tie off the wires.

Still on the lookout for ways to safely and economically repair your loose fence? Look no further!

The swivel mechanism makes it an extremely convenient and sought-after tool by both right and left-handed people alike. Thanks to an ingenious swivel mechanism, you can do it whether you’re left- or right-handed. Thus, Ninja New’s Texas Fence Fixer is a fence repair tool for everybody! The versatile and widely compatible fence fixer works equally well with barbed wire, electric fence wire, horse fencing, or net wire fence, and will also work on 16 ga and up to 12.5 ga High-Tensile and Mild Steel wires too. It is such a time and energy saver since there is no need to remove staples or tie wires. You can quickly repair it within a matter of 60 seconds. Isn’t it the fastest way of fixing the fence? Also, you are required to just clamp one part of the fence rather than re-pulling the whole fence. As easy as breathing!

And the most important feature of this Texas fence fixer is that it is strong and reliable too. It has a capacity of 2,200lbs, making our chain strainer will make a strong and reliable addition to your fencing arsenal. It is suitable for wires with a diameter of 1.5mm to 5.00mm. 

So what are you waiting for? Get this Texas Fence Fixer and fix all your backyard problems!

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