Pet Parent’s Guide to Magic Gate for Dogs

magic gate for dogs

Do you also have a hyper-active dog which runs wildly all over your house and cannot contain its excitement especially when ever some guests arrive? Or do you wish to create a small, safe, closed-off space for your little pet- friends where they can jump and play and rest? 

Ninja New’s Pet Magic Gate is for you!

It will help you to not only save your guests from your pet’s mischief or from causing any trouble but also create a private space for these little creatures when you have visitors around.

Wondering how this mesh gate for dogs will hold up when these pets can even bolt out the door as soon as they see it opening? You are skeptical that your pets would just barge right through this magic pet gate, aren’t you? Read on to know what and how NinjaNew’s magic gate for dogs will keep your pets safe and confined to certain spaces. 

It is made of super-strong mesh and thus has a strong resistance to force. It can withstand any trick your dog tries to escape this magic pet gate. Thus, providing extremely safe and effective protection. The upgraded, thick and tough nylon cloth and stainless-steel cannot be easily torn/bitten by dogs; making it last for years.

Some of the other features of this mesh dog gate which makes your life with pets around a lot more easy and fun-

  • Simple yet Classy design– It is a partially transparent woven mesh fabric which blends in perfectly with your home decor.
  • Portable folding
  •  Retractable installation design– It can be easily and completely retracted when someone needs to pass through it thus providing full flexibility of movement and operations around the space.
  •  Rational use of space 
  • Stretchable Poles– It can extend across wide spaces.
  • Easy Installation– It can be installed in any area you want, with absolutely no nails or tools required. You are required to only stick the hook on both sides of the door (at the suitable position). 
  • Convenience– It is highly convenient when compared to any other alternative that you can think of and can be installed easily and quickly. It is completely assembled for immediate use.
  • Easy to store when not in use– This magic gate for dogs takes up minimal space.

Step-by-step guide for Installation-

  1. Unfold/unroll the mesh fabric. 
  2. Extend the two metal poles to the maximum length based on your requirements. 
  3. Insert poles into the openings provided on each side of mesh fabric
  4. Affix the sticky hooks where you want to install the magic gate and hang the mesh on the four hooks. 
  5. Allow it to sit for 24 hours for better stickiness. 

This magic pet gate is a perfect pet safety enclosure designed for doorways, porch, between walls, or stairwells, indoors and outdoors as well. It is suitable for infants as well. Thus it can be used both as an infant gate/baby safety door and a pet gate. 

Also, it can be a very thoughtful gift to friends and family who love pets or have crawling babies who can be difficult to restrict to a particular space.

Go get one for yourself!

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